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History and Purpose

The CCU Library: Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

The CCU Library was established in 1989 and began operating in its current building in 1993. The library has collections consisting of more than one million books, bounded journals, and electronic resources. The CCU library has gained a reputation as having one of the largest and most comprehensive humanities and social sciences collections in South Taiwan. In the last two decades, the CCU Library has experienced a transition, from classic printed materials to databanks, and thereafter to digital and e-materials. Libraries around the world encounter the same challenges as the CCU Library, and in approximately the last decade, libraries in Taiwan have created e-learning environments for library collections , computerized services, and have adopted e-resource services. The CCU Library focuses on the original mission of libraries, which is to use library science to help our users effectively search for the most relevant resources for their study needs, rather than using endless Web links to disjointed materials. Therefore, we provide superior service and do not simply relying on technology to assist users.

The CCU Library is committed to creating a user friendly reading and studying environment. In the last five years, we have altered our interior design, furniture, lighting, and enacted more relaxed regulations to create an inviting and comfortable environment to attract users to the library and to facilitate use of our resources.

The CCU Library has not only created a learning common, similar to many other libraries, but has created an e-learning environment that is accessible throughout the library building. In addition, we use interactive tools to attract users to connect them with our staff, and to inform users how to use the library’s databases and resources. Furthermore , our tutorial services are not limited to the library, but can be accessed in users’ offices, laboratories, or classrooms, giving users more flexible methods to access e-resources. To accommodate the research needs of part-time graduate students, the CCU Library has modified its open hours to allow access library services during weekends.

The CCU Library, over the years, has worked closely with faculty through the Newly Arrived Book serials, which introduces and promotes faculty members’ newly published books and to publicize these books to the campus and to increase their circulation rate. Newly Arrived Book serials are accompanied by our exhibition of new books at the main library lobby, for which we have created various display arrangements where readers can sit and read new books, in addition to reserving newly arrived books.

The mission of the CCU Library is to bring the library back to its original goal: functioning as a major channel of knowledge to update and exchange information and to facilitate research , teaching, and learning on campus. We truly believe that technology is not the only answer to today’s fast changing environment, and that having a well-trained library staff is the best solution.

In addition to developments in digital technology, access to the cloud , and other advanced technology, libraries around the world are encountering more challenges than ever before. However, no matter how advanced these technologies may become, human contact will always constitute the best service. The CCU Library takes advantage of technology, but works hard to create effective library service, demonstrating that even during the digital age, libraries have an indispensable role in academic community. On behalf of the CCU Library, I welcome you come to visit us, use our facilities, and, most importantly, let us know how to improve our services to better assist you.

Jung-Ting Tsai, Professor and Library Director
National Chung Cheng University Library.